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Ece Karabudak
Teaching piano since 2016

Ece Karabudak was born and raised in Turkey. She had a very involved musical upbringing, as her parents were Opera singers for 30 years, and rest of her family are professional musicians. In her elementary and middle school years she studied in Hacettepe Conservatory in Ankara/Turkey. She played violin, piano, flute, trumpet, drum and took music theory classes. After her graduation from middle school, she transfer to Bilkent High School Conservatory in Ankara/Turkey. She studied French Horn and play in Bilkent University Symphony Orchestra for two years. Ece then moved to the U.S.A  and continued her schooling at the Dillard Center for the Arts in Pompano Beach, Florida. She sang in the choir for two years. After Ece graduated she went back to her country and started college as an Early Childhood Education major. While studying, she had an offer to be a music and piano teacher for the kindergarten class. After a couple of years she moved back to U.S.A. and is excited to start teaching again!