Meet Jasmé Kelly

Guitar, piano & voice teacher since Jan 2019

Jasmé Kelly is elated to bring her years of teaching experience to Carolina Music School.  This Durham native graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Performance Studies.  

She has over 20 years of experience as a private teacher, high school music teacher, artist in residence and camp music specialist all over the country.  

Jasmé’s teaching philosophy is about making sure the student comes alive while developing sound music theory and technique.   Her instruments include guitar, piano, and voice. Not only does she teach her students to play, she teaches them to perform and embrace the material.

In addition to teaching, Jasmé continues to perform as a singer songwriter locally and nationally.  She is also a published songwriter including 2 full-length CDs and a co-writing credit on the song “Holla” by the BahaMen featured as the theme song for the movie “Garfield.”

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