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Meet Marija Rakovic

Marija was born and raised in Serbia where she gained over 20 years of music education and work experience. She started playing piano from the age of nine and graduated classical piano from elementary and middle school. In parallel, she received the two additional majors, in Classical Signing from elementary, and Traditional Serbian Singing from elementary and middle music school.
She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Ethnomusicology from the Faculty of Music Arts at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Throughout her education at the university she started teaching piano and traditional singing. After graduating, Marija worked several years as a piano, traditional singing, and general music teacher in public elementary and high schools back in Serbia. During that period, she was a member of a female singing group with whom she performed in Serbia and around Europe. 
In 2015, Marija moved with her family to Vancouver, Canada where she earned a Master of Arts in Music at the University of British Columbia. In Vancouver, she worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and conducted female singing group, a part of a folklore dance ensemble. Marija enjoys the dynamic of a teaching job, while transferring her knowledge to students of all ages and watching them improving their skills.