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Michelle Jewell
Clarinet, saxophone, piano teacher since August 2019

Michelle has taught piano, clarinet, and saxophone for over a year since her graduation. Michelle helped multiple students excel in their musical skills to achieve higher chairs in band and perform pieces in front of an audience, the ages ranged from 5-60 years old. Michelle helped her teachers in college by teaching other students clarinet for a final exam and tutored them in music theory. 

Michelle Jewell started band in 6th grade and quickly fell in love with clarinet. Soon enough Michelle was winning competitions and playing in multiple community bands. In high school, Michelle played in the Methodist University Community Band, jazz band for the middle and high school, pit orchestra for the musicals, and All County and All District Bands for multiple years. Michelle decided to further her passion by getting a Bachelor’s in Music Composition at Campbell University. During college, Michelle played in multiple ensembles where she was concert-master and a leader. During her last few years, Michelle traveled to Germany and Austria to play in festivals and castle venues. I look forward to seeing new students and sharing my love of music.