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Naomi Kulesza 
Teaching piano since June 2015

Naomi Kulesza has been a teacher with the Carolina Music School since 2015. She graduated May of 2017 from Meredith College with BA in music and is quite passionate about teaching various ages of students. Naomi has experince in conducting as well as extensive vocal training. She sang as a member of the prestigious choral group the North Carolina Master Chorale, and also toured a number of destinations as apart of the Meredith Chorale.

Over the years she has thoroughly enjoyed cultivating her passion for both playing and teaching piano. Naomi teaches primarily piano but also enjoys teaching voice to adolescence. While her passion for teaching music continues to grow, so does her roster; averaging roughly 30 plus students on a weekly basis. She believes in providing every student with a firm musical foundation and works hard to create a welcoming and confident learning environment. Naomi is committed to learning and teaching according to each child’s unique learning style, as well as cultivating his/her strengths.