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In the case of any state or local mandates, CMS will offer online options to all students. Below are some FAQs regarding online lessons.

Q. Are online lessons as good as in-person lessons?

A.  Students over 7 years old tend to do very well with online lessons.  They are able to focus and participate with their teacher and can be largely independent.  We find that students under the age of 7 have a more difficult time with online music instruction.  If the parents are willing to sit in and help facilitate the lessons, younger students can be successful with online learning.  As with so many things, a lot depends on the child’s interest, and ability to pay attention as well as the level of family commitment.

Q. What can I expect from online lessons?

A. Online lessons are structured in much the same way as in-person lessons.  This will vary some depending on the individual teachers preferred teaching methods.  For our older students (middle and high school age), the lessons will start with a review of the previous weeks homework, fixing technique and missed notes along the way.  Next, students will discuss music theory and be introduced to the next lesson in their curriculum book. Finally, three new songs (one from the lesson book, one from the technique book, and one from the performance book) will be introduced.  Teachers will often perform these new songs for the students.  Our younger students will also begin with a review of the previous week’s instruction.  Younger students will play clapping games and learn rhythm exercises before being introduced to new material.  Their homework will often include fun and engaging worksheets.

Q. When will in-person lessons resume?

A. We plan to offer in-person lessons for the Fall 2020 semester according to availability.  This will be dependent on the comfort levels of both the teacher and the student/family. A family who signs up for in-person lessons will have the ability to switch to online at any time.  A family that signs up for online lessons will need to commit to that platform for the semester.  

Q. Can I go back and forth between in-person and online lessons?

A.Students can go from in-person lessons to online at any time.  If there is any illness or contact with a person with COVID-19 we ask that you immediately contact us and request online lessons. If a student signs up for online only, we ask that you remain online until the end of the semester.  

Q. Are in-home lessons safe? 

A. Our teachers adhere to all state recommended safety precautions including wearing masks, frequently washing hands, or using hand sanitizers.   If you have any concerns or hesitations, we recommend that you utilize our online lessons option until you are more comfortable.

COVid-19 faq