Clarinet, saxophone, piano teacher since August 2019

Piano Teacher since September 2017

Piano Teacher since June 2015

Voice Teacher since October 2018

Violin teacher since August 2019

Violin Teacher since July 2018

Piano Teacher since August 2017

Piano Teacher since July 2018

A number of the founding teachers still teach at Carolina Music School – a testament to the warmth and spirit of this learning community.

Flute and piano teacher since August 2019

Piano, Voice & Guitar Teacher since January 2019

Piano Teacher since August 2016

Piano teacher since July 2019

Piano, voice teacher since August 2019

Meet the Teachers! 

Trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, piano teacher since August 2019

Piano/Guitar Teacher since August 2017

Piano, bass, guitar teacher since May 2019

Piano Teacher since December 2017

Piano Teacher since September 2016

Piano, percussion teacher since August 2019

Guitar teacher since May 2019

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