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Derrick Singer

Percussion, piano, guitar teacher since 2022

Derrick Singer began studying percussion in 2010 in his home state of Texas by taking part in symphonic, wind, and marching ensembles. He was taught by some of the best percussion and music instructors in the country, was a member of several award-winning ensembles and received several accolades for his individual performance in the percussive arts. 

After his move to North Carolina in 2014, Derrick performed in marching, percussion, wind, and jazz ensembles for Middle Creek High School, North Carolina State University, and World Guard International. Derrick has also done work as a recording musician, including personal projects and pieces for Epic Games. Furthermore, Derrick has served in the college worship band at The Shepherd’s Church as a musician, coordinator, and leader for several years. 

Derrick has taught percussion at Shepherd’s Music School, Middle Creek High School, Athens Drive High School, and in the private lesson sphere for several years. His passion for teaching manifests itself in the joy of seeing his students grow to love the art form that has been so dear to him.