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Meet Lincoln

Lincoln Oakley started taking violin lessons when he was nine. He was taught with the Suzuki method. He graduated from Campbell University in May of 2021 and has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He has taken ten years of lessons in total: eight years during elementary, middle, and high school, and two years at Campbell
University. He also played in Campbell’s Creek Camerata String Ensemble for four years.

Lincoln enjoys teaching people concepts that can, at first, seem complicated but when broken down into simple steps, are easy to understand. He can remember
specific times in school where he would feel lost or left behind because some of his teachers would not stop to patiently answer questions. He loves questions and is
patient with students until they’re on the same page.
Lincoln believes that the violin is one of the most unique and fascinating instruments to play. It is an instrument that has limitless potential. The violin can be played with
passion, inspiring others with its music. Just as every violin is unique, so also is the sound that every player has the ability to produce. Lincoln’s goal, as a violin teacher,
is to not only ensure that his students have the chance to share their music with others as they pass by but to inspire those who stop to listen.